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Next Global Intention Event

Sept. 21st. & 22nd., 2018

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Maybe it is ridiculous to think we can change the world. We know it is ridiculous not to try.

Below are the world time zones. 10 Billion Beats will follow the sunset from east to west around the Earth starting at 7:00 PM in the US Central Time Zone. Everyone will drum at 7:00 PM - their local time. Each group follows the time zone that preceeds them as the drumming moves around the globe in a 24 hour period. The date changes from the 21st. to the 22nd. as the sunset crosses the International Date Line. It will still be the same 24 hour period.

Time Zones

Zones covered in Light green will drum on Sept. 21, 2018. Time zones covered by the Light red will drum on Sept. 22, 2018

10 Billion Beats is a response to the unique times in which we find ourselves and the growing uncertainty about a coming transition. Hopi prophets suggest this is the hour when their Kachinas(Star Beings) return, Christian mystics foretell signs in the sky and chaos upon the Earth, the Q'ero teachers from the Andeas speak of a new human race evolving.

With social unrest worldwide and many ancient traditions seeming to refer to this specific time, we believe it's wise to consider the needs of Spirit and our fellow beings on this planet. Walk each moment with gratitude blessing all that you encounter. We operate with the belief that a paradigm shift will occur when "critical mass" is achieved in human consciousness. We do not know what changes may unfold in the coming months nor do we seek not to impose our will upon the Cosmos. We believe the Creator favors no color, gender or any single creed. All are welcomed home. Our effortis to lovingly accept Divine guidance and work towards our collective Spiritual development.

Each year 10 Billion Beats, has been fortunate to coordinate with other events. that we believe enhance the experience and the opportunities of this unique time. Please contact us if your organization would like to work together with us in Sept. 2012.

10 Billion Beats is a Global Event that will use drumming to focus a collective positive intention, then send it around the world in a continuous wave to improve our relationship with each other, and with a living planet upon which we live, breath, and have our being. 10 Billion Beats started in Sept. 2009. It grew and grew until nearly 200,000 people participated around the globe. In 2010 and 2011 the grassroots movement grew even bigger. We invite you to be a part of it Sept. 21 - 22, 2018. We are not trying to have the world's largest drum circle, we are trying help people stand with each other around the globe through the uncertain times ahead.

"It is quite true that in the history of human thinking the most fruitful developments frequently takeplace at those points where two different lines of thought meet..."

Werner Heisenberg

Sound - vibration - frequency - beat has for millennia been an avenue for outward creation and inner exploration. When we listen to the lilt of a mountain brook, or the rhythm of a human heart, sound provides us a pathway to the subtle energies in the deep reaches of our psyche. When we attune with the rhythm of those around us we join in the harmonious dance of life. Sound interconnects us with others and transports us to consciousness states where we encounter insight, healing, growth, and our highest creativity. So what might happen if we use the sound of drumming—like a physical prayer or meditaion—to help balance our relationship as a human family and with the Earth itself?

The human heart beats billions of times in a life. The human brain has about 10 billion cells that connect our nervous system and exchange innumerable signals every moment to create our thoughts and direct life functions. While 10 billion seems like a hugh number, to be human is to engage grand scale operations each time we simply take a breath. We have overlooked the magnitude of what it takes to be human and as we approach 10 billion humans on this earth, we have underestimated the effects of our existence on the planet. With, or without, our cooperation, nature will bring balance to the relationship.


10 Billion Beats is an intention experiment that will use positive intention to affect the uncertain times we sense and benefit every life on the planet.

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We are pround to partner with Peace Day Live again this year.



Six degrees of separation are said to be the distance between yourself and being connected to everyone on this planet. That said, the "us" that this is "about" is really the US on this little blue marble spinning through the vastness of space. This is a network, not a hierarchy. You are invited to participate in any way you choose and make the "about us" also about you.

The impetus for this project came from the dire predictions circulating in books and blogs, punditry and prophesy that all seemed to reinforce, solidify, and perhaps manifest the idea that humankind must endure a calamitous fate. Further, the spiritual solutions being offered all seem to focus on individual rescue while ignoring the fate of others and the Earth itself. We are here on this planet together, perhaps we can affect a better outcome to such prophesies TOGETHER.

The idea for 10 Billion Beats came from Carlisle, whose work sponsors this web site. The encouragement came from Brent and Geralyn who, together with Carlisle, have used drumming as a means for inner exploration for several decades. We are in central Kansas where we live and work as you do. Together, we decided to put this simple concept out to the world in the hope that you and others will share our excitement, the word will spread, and that together we can make a difference.

Six degrees of separation connects us with every being on the planet.

There are no degrees of separation between us and the Creator.

There is no order of difficulty in miracles.


The connection between Mind, Body, and Spirit is probably familiar to anyone reading this page. Many research studies have demonstrated that prayer improves healing. Perhaps you know that in your own life. Other researchers have shown the benefits of meditation, and several studies have validated that a group meditation can affect change, even reducing the incidence of crime in several major cities. There are two key elements in these methods that greatly improve success.

  1. One should achieve a deep, calm, state of awareness.  (trance-like)

  2. It's most effective to focus the intention with the heart, on a purpose greater than one's self.

A prime principal of systems theory says that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." This applies to all systems whether they are human organizations, computers, machines, living organisms, and a Living Earth. This experiment will focus intention on the "whole" using sound to achieve our deep collective state of awareness.


In The Global Brain, author and researcher Peter Russell shows how during the development of life on this planet a dramatic shift took place each time specific elements reached a critical mass. Amino acids formed from less complex molecules, proteins formed from amino acids, single cell life from that and complex life forms developed from them. This is not an attempt to argue for or against any creation theory. I see it as simply following the hand of the Divine in the process of creation. The key element here is that the critical mass—at which a new "whole" came into being—seemed to be about 10 billion. When the population density of any of these elements approached this critical mass, the whole became something more than the sum of its parts. Human life on Earth is rapidly approaching this critical population threshold! We are seeing a shift in the connection between people (as you using the internet right now demonstrates) and a shift in the spiritual, mental, and physical paradigms that have served us in the past. This intention experiment is to assist the emergence of a human family at peace with the Earth and itself.

All that is required from you is your participation.


All that is required from you is your participation.


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