The Big Numbers

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Friday Sept. 22nd. -- Sat. Sept 23rd., 2017, 7:00 PM

At first glance it is easy to think this project is unrealistic, too big, too wide spread to work. We are however, realists. We have worked the numbers. They show that it is an ambitious endevore. They also show that it is resonable to assume that with the internet it is easier than one might think to achive the level of participation to reach 10 Billion Beats and positively affect the global consciousness.

10 Billion Beats

The People

Current World Population
Avg. Population per Time-zone


The Process
Target Beats
Total Beats Needed per Time-zone
Beats per Second
Seconds per Hour
Beats per hour


The Results
Number of People per Time-zone
Beats per Hour
Total Beats per 24 Timezones
1 14,400 345,600
100 1,440,000 34,560,000
20,000 288,000,000 6,912,000,000
30,000 432,000,000 10,368,000,000
Total People Around the World
% of World Population
If one person were to do this it would take 82.2 years drumming 24 hours a day!

We are hoping to involve 720,000 people across the planet as the table above shows. We are sincerely trying to engage as many people as possible in every time zone so the beat will actually role around the world. We need more people everywhere but especially in the areas across central Asia, Africa, and the Mid-East. These places in particular are in need of the world positive intention. If you know someone in these areas please let themknow and encourage them to participate.

The table below shows how easily the number of participants can grow. If you ask just 7 people to participate and they ask 7, with in 7 steps we exceed the 720,000 people who need to drum for only 1 hour to achieve 10 Billion Beats. If we all drum for 2 hours we need only have as many people. If you tell even more people and even more people show up....well, that's very nice frosting on a wonderful cake.

Remember, you can spead the word by email, or post it upon several social network sites anywhere you see the "Share" button on this site.

The expansion of participants if everyone involves just 7 people
Number of People

Coyoté Oaks Vineyard will host the 10 Billion Beats event near Salina, KS, USA. Local events will happen in places around the world. Here's a map to the home event in Salina, KS USA. Anyone near Central Kansas is invited to join us. Coyoté Oaks is located on S. Muir Rd., 1/2 mile north of Water Well Rd. (about at the top of the "marker" on the map below)

See Map


Did you ever imagine yourself as part of a soliton wave?

10 Billion Beats will be a continuous wave moving from time zone to time zone around the world. It’s no ordinary wave. It’s a soliton. A sine wave is a simple waveform, a pure tone when heard as sound. At Vantage Quest I've had some experience with these.  A soliton is a unique wave that rises out of the chaos of many frequencies combining into a self-organizing system that maintains a single waveform and frequency. It holds its form for a great while. Such waves only occur within a critical window of conditions, with too much energy they break into turbulence, with too little they simply disperse. The ocean bottom must also be just right to direct the component waves into the self-sustaining feedback loop.

So much for ocean physics you say, but self-organizing solitons exist in many mediums from the atmosphere to biology. Now upon the sea of humanity, comprised of individuals from different countries, backgrounds, philosophies, and spiritual perspectives, a wave is building; we are its component waves. Our various speeds and frequencies have converged and we travel together for a while. Passing the concepts of 10 Billion Beats from one person’s imagination into another’s we are amassing and incubating energy. Conditions in the world, like the ocean’s bottom, have made it fortuitous for our individual energies to combine in contributing to a brighter world vision. In a few weeks together we will create a discrete entity, a wave that will move as a unit around our globe.

10 Billion Beats is a self-organizing system like a soliton moving across the consciousness of this planet and its inhabitants. Perhaps in this case we can call it a "Soul-iton" wave. I knew it was starting to gel when someone I didn’t know told me about a "drumming thing" that they were planning to do in Sept. and they had no idea where it had originated. We threw a pebble into the collective pool of awareness not knowing if it would land on any shores but as its ripples return--anonymity never tasted so sweet.

On the 16th. and 17th. of September,2011 we will gather in ceremony and celebration making our joyous noise. In the weeks before we gather we are already sowing the seeds of our intention -

Peace TO Earth,
Goodwill ON humankind.

As we prepare for our events whether large, small, or solitary do so with the same positive intent.


• If you have a group, or are hosting a drumming--large or small--in your area to which others are welcome, please send me the address of your event and any contact information you wish to include so I can list it on the website. Many people would like to find an event near them, probably near you. Send your information to this email address

• If possible, send a press release to your local media informing them of your participation in 10 Billion Beats and about your local event.

• By all means keep talking, posting and bloging as you have so kindly done.

• After 10 Billion Beats be sure to send along any photos and videos you made of your gathering so we can post them on the website and share them with each other.

Thanks again for all you have done to make this a worldwide event. Keep the grassroots growing by sowing goodwill and the good word.

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