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This project is based on the ambitious hope that many people want to affect the world in a positive manner but simply need a way to do it. 10 Billion Beats can be a way to do that. The power of focused intention changes things. We often see too little of these effects in our lives because the good thoughts individuals have are simply out weighed by the negative. Thus, we attract goods things only to drive them away again as our mood changes. As this group holds a positive common purpose while drumming 10 Billion Beats it will change you, and that can change the world.

You can help by:

  • Registering to participate

  • Send a press release to your favorite news source.

  • Asking your friends and family to join you.

  • Inviting your church group, or other group, to hold a drumming.

  • Posting this site on your social network page -Facebook, MySpace etc.

  • Copy any of these pages to your own website - We'll be glad to help.

  • Post the movie intro on YouTube and similar sites.

  • Get your tribe involved.

  • Download, print, and circulate this flyer.

  • Join our new social network site The 10th. Billion Beat to connect with other participants.

  • Blog, Blog, Blog

This will only work when all of us get excited and talk about it. This will work when this idea "goes viral" on the net, the news, and the neighborhood. You can easily tell someone anywhere you see this button.

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As the numbers grow, we will be helping people connect with other interested people in their area. We will send out occasional email to inform you of the project progress.

If you would still like to do more:

  • If you can translate some of this site into another language please contact us. We'll post pages in every language we can with your help.

  • We are not seeking to make money from this project. We will consider adding more sponsor links to appropriate websites. We will appreciate any donations but that is not our purpose. Your full hearted participation is what we ask for.

  • Copy and past a banner to your web page.

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  • Have another idea? We're listening.